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Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Fall!
Don't you love that 'fallish' feeling in the air? This is such a lovely time of year when sweaters come out of storage and the smells of something in the oven or crock filling up the house with love!

I wanted to share with you and tell you that the new design on my blog was done last night by my sweetest friend, Gail who did her magic and got this started. Thank you Gail so much! It looks soft and pink and me!!!
 Now am going to learn how to add all the great logos for Make Mine Pink and The Slipper Project but I am just too excited to post this so excuse that their not up yet!

Thanks for stopping by and if you'd like, say hi.



  1. Hi Rose,
    I love your blog. And yes, Gail is a sweetheart. Thanks also for stopping by my blog.

  2. Hi Rose,,, I am glad you like it,,, but let me know if you want to change anything? We will get everything up for you in no time at all! You will fall in love with blogging, its fun!
    Pink hugs, gail

  3. Rose ~

    Your new blog is fabulous and your right it is so you!

    I can't wait to read future posts.


  4. I really like your blogs. I love the roses and lace.

  5. Hi Rose! Your blog looks wonderful! Gail is such a sweetie. You are going to love blogging.
    The Polka Dot Rose

  6. Hi Rose,

    The blog design is awesome! Love the pinkish look, with the roses and lace! Great job by Gail.

    Pei Li

  7. Rose,
    What a beautifully "pink" blog! The design is so perfectly you! I love that fall is here too! Call me crazy, but my favorite season is winter!
    Hugs, Tedi

  8. Your new blog is so pretty, Gail is very talented. Yes I love Autumn (fall) the changing colours of the trees are a beautiful sight, take care.

  9. It looks great Rose! Gail is such a great friend!
    bunny hugs to you,

  10. Hi Rose, Yes, I really like that "fallish" feeling in the air! And your new blog design is beautiful!

  11. Hi rose... How are ya doing. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have you entered in the contest. Good luck!
    I bought some fabric to day that looks like your rosebud wallpaper. lol I cant wait to use it.
    I hope the weather has settled down and is warming up,,, as my air conditioning just kicked on and its still 98 at 8pm. :(
    Have a pretty day... (()) gail