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Friday, June 24, 2011

Meet Lucy Caboosey!

My heart was captured the first time I laid my eyes on this kitty! I had just signed papers on the Caboose and was sitting in my 'soon to be' garden area when I saw these yellow eyes looking at me from under the Caboose. She was sitting on the rail all safe and secure and looking at me wondering who I was. Not knowing her name or if she was lost I tried to friend  her and as I got closer she walked the rails underneath and got more secure deep in the belly of the underparts of the Caboose..I checked back a while later and my new little friend was still there so off to the store for some canned food and dry kibble.I found out from management here at the Village that she is a ferrel kitty that was born here and that she had been captured by PAWS and spayed along with her siblings and then brought back to the Village.That was over 6 years ago! So when I moved in,  I was actually moving in on her space so I was careful but determined to share with her. Since she is a ferrel  cat and has not ever been held, brushed or loved it has been a long process and over time we have managed to work out ways to show affection for one another. In the winter she has a heated igloo with soft warm blankets and in the summer time she chooses between 3 favorite sleeping towels and of course her comfy bed. She has been named "Lucy Caboosey" and she proudly lives  in the garden area greeting all who walk by and always has her safety area on those rails under the caboose. She has become our kitty  and runs to the walkway to greet us in the mornings and follows us right in the shop for her morning treats. The same goes for in the evening when it has quieted down Lucy  wonders in to find her treats that have been put down for her on the rug. As far as holding her and touching her ..well that is still a work in progress. I have touched her on her back and tail many times and she always give me 'the look' as she scoots away.  She has willingly come close enough to bat at my hand (with her claws in) and then sit just out of arms reach and then sneak in at my hand to smell it and I have even got a lick....melt my heart, that was she has done to me! So if you come by, please stop in to say Hi to Lucy Caboosey... and me of course!

Until then, ~Rose xoxo

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  1. Great Story--they have a way of stealing our hearts--don't they? I have 5 cats--all rescues. One has lived in the house with me for four years and I still can't touch her. She was a really wild one. I got her as a kitten that had been abandoned but I guess her wild blood run too deep. Her name is "Scardy Cat", it's really Ciara but most of the time I don't use that name. I love them all--every one! Your site is great. If you get a chance, pop over to my site. You can even become a follower--if you want to :)
    Have a great day.